Vancouver Island Motorcycle School

Vancouver Island Motorcycle School was started with one goal: To make better riders. It’s for this reason that I do not intend to teach anyone to “pass the tests” or to simply get their license. If you sign on with me, you are agreeing to spend the time required to gain the skill sets that make the ICBC tests seem laughable. I will push you to do things that you don’t think are possible. I will keep pushing you until those same things become easy. This isn’t an easy path to take, but it should still be fun, and the rewards continue to show themselves years down the road. A life on two wheels should be measured in Smiles Per Hour.


Vancouver Island Motorcycle School is now offering a course at the Vancouver Island Motor Circuit. The course is for licensed, experienced riders looking to improve their riding skills. Courses available August 12 & 26, 2020.

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What’s the benefit of Vancouver Island Motorcycle School training?

  • I have been riding motorcycles for nearly 30 years.
  • In that time, I have travelled over half a million kilometres on various motorcycles.
  • I have ridden pretty much every type of motorcycle available and enjoyed them all.
  • I race in the woods, and on pavement, and understand the difference between the two disciplines and how to make the transition from one to the other.
  • I have seen pretty much everything that the road can throw at you, and have developed ways to predict and handle the various risks that can come up.

In my 10 years as a licensed motorcycle instructor, I have developed my ability to teach all these skills to new, and experienced riders.
I do not focus on teaching people how to pass the licensing tests. When you learn to ride properly, the tests are a non-issue. If that’s all you’re looking for, you should be looking for another school.

My focus is to teach people the proper handling of a motorcycle, safe use of it on the road, and how to avoid all the lessons that I had to learn the hard way. I want to make better riders. That is the only goal of the Vancouver Island Motorcycle School.

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