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Free Lessons?

Yes, Free lessons! I have been working hard at making videos in an attempt to make all the information from my Theory Course readily available to everyone for free. How do you take advantage of this? It's simple, just go to my youtube channel and subscribe to my page....

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The Skills Test is Easy

This is a breakdown of exactly what in involved in the ICBC Motorcycle Skills Test. The MST is the second test of three that you have to do to get your motorcycle license in BC. People always want to know what's in the test, so here it is. All I did to prepare for...

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Getting Back in The Saddle

Whenever I get on a new motorcycle, or get back to one I haven't ridden for a while, I make a point of practicing a few things. Ever bike is different, and has different characteristics. So it's important to get reacquaint yourself with a motorcycle after even a short...

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Lane filtering

There's a couple of groups in BC trying to get lane filtering legalized for motorcycles, and they're getting some media coverage on the idea now. So here's a little bit of information for my non motorcycle riding friends. (still not quite sure how I ended up with...

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Thinking about riding Supermoto?

Victoria Supermoto's 2017 season is "only" 5 months away, so it's on my mind a lot. I only really have one and a half seasons under my belt, so I am still working on things, and remember very clearly what it's like to be completely new to supermoto. You can learn a...

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Science of Turning, Part 3: Summary

So we know that countersteering starts a turn, what's next? Countersteering initiates a turn by making the bike lean into the turn. That's all it does, it is just the first step in physically making the bike turn. Once the bike is leaning into the turn, the front...

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I’d taken a few lessons at another school but didn’t feel like I was getting the level of instruction I was looking for. Jeremy from Vancouver Island Motorcycle School has the experience and training to help and guide both beginners and experienced bikers alike.

S. Johnstone

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