Beginner Training

One on One training.

Since we only have to arrange 2 people’s schedules, it’s easy to find a time that will work for your schedule. I can do training in the mornings, evenings, weekends, or weekdays.

If you have not done your ICBC skills test yet, you will be required to sign on for at least 9 total hours. The training can be broken up into 2, or 3 sessions as long as each session is at least 3 hours long. I find that 3 hours is the minimum amount of time required to develop and retain motorcycle skills.

The benefits of personal training should be obvious. Rather than having an instructor trying to teach up to 5 people at a time (and always have to focus more on a particular student, while neglecting the others), you get 100% of my attention for every minute that you paid for.

Training always starts in a parking lot, under controlled conditions, and we progress at whatever pace suits you. Which means that you never have to feel like another student is slowing down your learning, or worry that you are holding others back by requiring more attention/time.
This leads to a much more relaxed, and successful session.

In order to streamline the learning process, and make it so that students get as much riding time as possible, without having to spend a lot of time discussing different topics, I have put my Theory Course up on my Youtube channel.
You will have to take the time to watch the theory playlist before we can start with training, or else we will end up spending more time talking, than riding.


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