Dual Sport Training is for people who are making the transition from pavement to dirt.

Whether you are just looking for tips to make riding on logging roads safer, and more fun, or you’re looking to take your dual sport up some nasty trails, I can help you get there. This is not hard enduro, or race training. This is to get people started and gain skills in what I think is one of the best parts of living on Vancouver Island.

For dual sport training we will pick a place to meet near the sort of riding you want to tackle. There will probably be a little bit of talk about bike set up, and body position, and then we will start riding. There will be lots of stopping and talking about different situations that arise, and how to deal with the issues we will encounter.

I will push you to do things that you may not be fully comfortable with at first, but I won’t push you to do anything dangerous. The idea is to build skill, and we have to get a little out of our comfort zone for that to happen.

Fitness is a very big aspect of riding in the dirt. If you have health, or mobility issues, it is very important that you share that with me before we start.

The cost of dual-sport training is $100/hr for one on one training, with a minimum of 2 hours per session.

You will be expected to bring drinking water, some sort of snack, and basic tools for your bike.

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