I do not believe that there are secret skills and techniques that are only available to “advanced” riders.

I have always taught my students the skills needed to ride well, and navigate the chaos of public roads safely, and with confidence, no matter what their starting point.

It is an unfortunate fact that many riders with years, or even decades of experience still have to learn what I consider to be basics of motorcycling.

My goal is to teach everyone to ride skillfully, and intelligently. We always have more to learn, so there is no definitive “end all” course or training to take. Continued education is as important as the first time you learn how to use a clutch.

If is for that reason that I have switched over to exclusively doing private lessons. This way, there is no pressure to keep up with someone else in a class, and no frustration caused by waiting for someone to grasp something you understood on the first try. There is only progress, and constant building on your abilities.

No matter what your skill set, if you are interested in progressing, I can help you improve.

2 wheels are better than 4,
Rubber side down,
Ride safe.
See you out there.

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