Yes, Free lessons!

I have been working hard at making videos in an attempt to make all the information from my Theory Course readily available to everyone for free.

How do you take advantage of this?
It’s simple, just go to my youtube channel and subscribe to my page. I have a playlist set up of theory lessons. It’s a work in progress at this point, but I think it’s coming along nicely.

Please take the time to subscribe, and leave comments if you have any questions, or if you feel like there was something that may not have been clear enough.
I’m used to teaching this stuff in a classroom, and have always depended on a little bit of a back and forth conversation to keep things interesting, and to make sure all the topics get covered.

I hope you find these videos useful, but they are just information, and can never replace actual hands on training.


And as an added benefit, there’s also plenty of racing, crashing, and general foolishness on that channel, too.

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