Mudhunniez at the Wastelands

It was a privilege to help out with the new rider training during the Mudhunniez Girls Ride at the Nanaimo Wastelands on Saturday.
A lot of women showed up to ride dirt bikes, and I helped get a lot of them started on their new obsession.
There are benefits to group lessons, but I do prefer the one on one training. Groups do help to push each other, and that can help with growth, but there is almost always one person who finds the level of everyone else to be boring, or a person who feels like they aren’t able to keep up with the others.
So there is good and bad sides to it.

This event has convinced me of the need for more dirt specific training

I still prefer the one on one training, and I will be charging the same for dirt training as I do for dual sport lessons.
However, if you and a couple of friends are at a similar skill level, and have similar goals, we can set up some small group dirt bike clinics. Email me for information.

I hope everyone who came out to ride on Saturday has developed a strong, healthy addiction to one of the best things you can possibly do on Vancouver Island.


The Grind Harescramble at VMC

Thanks to everyone who helped organize and put on the race. Last year I got a dnf in the Grind, and so far my season has been plagued by bike issues and injuries.
I entered this race with the goal of riding until the cut off time. I would have liked to have been a little faster, and gotten in another lap, but I am really happy with the 6th place that I got.

It was a busy weekend, and I’m really happy that dirt bike season is back upon us. There is still time for street training, but I’m going to be spending most of my spare time in the woods for the next 6 months.



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