It’s been a very long time since I posted anything here. I honestly forgot that this page even existed.
I’ve been focusing a lot more on the youtube channel. It seems to be drifting away from the focus on lessons lately, since I just love everything about motorcycles and have been sharing all sorts of stuff there.
I am still available for private lessons, but the confusion with ICBC’s changes during this pandemic haven’t made anything easy. There are still theory lesson videos up on the youtube channel, and they have been put into a playlist. There are also random tips in other videos, and of course, the obligatory ride and maintenance stuff, too.
If you are looking for lessons, from beginner to advanced, and even dirt, send me an email.
If you’re too cheap to pay, don’t think you need training, or just want some motorcycle content in these uncertain times, subscribe to the youtube channel.

I don’t think I’m going to be posting much here, anymore. I have gotten a lot more used to using the videos to get my ideas out, and it seems like most people would rather watch a video than read now days, anyway.

So check out the channel, and subscribe if you haven’t already. Just like the lesson videos, subscribing is free, and it does help me out.

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